52 pounds of marijuana seized in Clark County

52 pounds of marijuana seized in Clark County (WKEF/WRGT)

UPDATE- The Clark County Sheriff’s Office confiscated more than 50 pounds of pot over the weekend. Investigators say the pot was from out of town and would have likely ended up getting sold throughout the Miami Valley and central Ohio.

Lt. Kristopher Shultz says the pot is worth about $180,000 on the street.

"This is one of several operations we've had take place in the last 5-6 months that has yielded significant results and significant returns,"

Investigators would not release much information about how they learned about the shipment, other than it was an ongoing investigation.

"One of those surveillance operations paid off," Lt. Shultz said. "Part of the techniques involved in this kind of operation are the surveillance and the information gathering and intelligence. The vice and organized crime unit, this is all they do, is deal with this kind of situation," Lt. Shultz said.

They did tell me the bust started when they pulled over a vehicle on the northeast side of Springfield, where the county and city meet.

Through their investigation deputies were able to learn about pot before it even got to Clark County.

"Who the individuals are? Who's going to be bringing it? What kind of vehicle they'll be driving? License plates, that kind of thing," Lt. Shultz said.

The vice squad also nabbed about $10,000 in cash. Four people have been arrested. Michael Collins, Brennon Hill, Jeremy Runyan and Madison Schneider all will be charged with drug trafficking.

Investigators say the pot came from the West Coast, either Oregon or California.

"The community is vitally important to what we do. They're the reason we do it. We do this and take these actions and work on weekends on Sundays and late nights on Saturdays and Friday nights to be able to clean this kind of poison off the road," Lt. Shultz said.

It's not over yet, investigators say we could see more arrests in the future from the investigation.


CLARK COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Deputies in Clark County have seized more than 50 pounds of marijuana in an investigation that spanned over several days.

Authorities say the investigation spanned over four days and ended with the arrest of four people.

Deputies believe the drugs were brought in from the west coast. The 52 pounds of marijuana have a street value of $180,000.

This is developing and will be updated.

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