10,000 tons of corn spilled after silo collapse in New Carlisle, Ohio

10,000 tons of corn spilled after silo collapse in New Carlisle (WKEF/WRGT)

NEW CARLISLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Ten-thousand tons of corn is scattered across SR 571 in New Carlisle after a silo collapsed overnight.

The collapse happened at Miami Valley Feed and Grain Company just before midnight Sunday. When the silo collapsed, it damaged two other buildings, took out several power lines and three power poles. According to New Carlisle Fire Chief Steve Trusty, the power poles that were taken out carries power into the city of New Carlisle.

The cause of the collapse is unknown at this time. Trusty said there was no high wind at the time of the collapse. The silo has a capacity of 385,000 bushels, at the time of the collapse, authorities tell FOX45 the silo was completely full and was holding $1.6 million worth of corn.

The Ohio State Fire Marshal will be on the scene Monday to determine if there was an explosion. Trusty said it does not appear to have been an explosion, "more than likely what the residents were hearing when they heard explosions was the transformers blowing when the debris hit them," he said. The company said there were no employees working at the time of the collapse, but Trusty said crews are working to find out if there were any vehicles that may be under the debris.

Trusty said when the silo collapsed, 10,000 tons of corn came spilling out, "to put that in perspective, 200 semi loads." Crews will remain on the scene until the road has been cleared for traffic to pass through. At this time, officials are asking that people stay away from the scene so they can get it cleared. Trusty said he expects it will take until mid-day on Monday or later.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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