Students teach students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol

Students teach students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – High school students are returning to elementary school to educate kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Oakwood high school students participating in a student led program called Building Our Lives Drug Free (BOLD) paid Smith Elementary a visit to talk about just that.

Their goal was to send a positive message about how under aged drinking and use of drugs could jeopardize their futures, according to intervention and prevention counselor Joan Bline.

“Our efforts are not scare tactics. We are educating our kids about the dangers but we want to appeal to their greater sense of self,” said Bline.

Oakwood High senior Caroline Goeller said that the kids “might not completely understand” the significance of the subject, but that it will resonate in them later on in life.

“…I’m hoping they remember these interactions and they will remember going into high school and jr. high,” said Goeller.

BOLD educates elementary kids through the eighth grade.

Parents are also invited to sign a banner pledging to not allow underage drinking or drug use in their homes.

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