Grant Me Hope: Tatiana & Mercedes


Tatiana & Mercedes

T: My name is Tatiana.

M: My name is Mercedes.

T: I am 10 years old.

M: And I’m 8.

T: I am in the fourth grade.

M: And I am in the eighth grade. The third, the third grade. Third.

T: My favorite book to read is Fat Stanley.

M: My favorite book is Frozen because I like Elsa and I’m her.

T: Something that makes me happy is when people tickle me and somebody being silly and funny.

M: My favorite thing is when somebody tickle me on the stomach or on my neck or on my feet.

T: If I could go anywhere I would go to Disneyland, King’s Island, and lots of other places.

M: If I could go somewhere I would want to go to Dave & Busters.

T: I would describe myself as a pretty princess

M: And I would be Elsa.

T: When I grow up I want to be a news weather person because I always watch the news and I always get worried about the weather.

M: My favorite when I grow up is to be a vet. To help animals.

M: If I had a wish it would be to stay with my sister forever and ever .

M: I love her a lot, because like I don’t want to leave her ever and ever. Cuz I love her.

If you have questions about adoption or foster care, Montgomery County Children Services holds a monthly informational meeting at the Haines Children's Center, 3304 N. Main St. Dayton.

You can also call 937-224-KIDS (5437).

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