Clark County detectives warning of theft suspects


WALL OF JUSTICE: The Clark County Sheriff's Office asking for your help finding two males driving a gray full-sized Dodge truck with extended cab.

The suspected thieves were in a neighborhood in Medway the morning of July 13.

"The residents came home to their house being burglarized and completely ransacked in every room," Clark County Sheriff's Detective Ron Fader said.

The thieves first knocked on a neighbor's door who answered. They told the woman they were there to buy German shepherd puppies.

"She did a little bit of research and realized there was no German shepherd puppies sold in the immediate area or being sold," Fader said. "She became suspicious basically right away of the story."

And now detectives are warning residents.

"They're going house to house and if you answer your door they have a story and if you don't answer your door they make entry into your residence," Fader said.

Detectives say the suspects are targeting the area for a reason.

"When you're in a rural area they know the chances of them getting caught are slim to none, if there's a possibility that no one's watching them or coming forward," Fader said.

Detectives are asking for any information to crack the case.

"It' surprising that just a little piece of information could close a puzzle basically," Fader said. "We can blend that together and put it together and see if we can come up with somebody or some persons that are involved driving that vehicle and committing these crimes."

If you have any information regarding the burglary you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 222-STOP (937-222-7867).

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