Clark County detectives ask for help finding debit card thief


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The Clark County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help finding a man who stole a debit card belonging to woman who made a purchase at a local eatery in Springfield.

“He subsequently used the card on two separate occasions with unauthorized charges," Clark County Sheriff’s Detective Ron Fader said. "This was a subject that was on video surveillance using the victim's credit card on two separate occasions."

Fader said the Clark County Sheriff’s Office has reached out to other agencies with the photo of the theft suspect but no one has recognized him yet.

The suspect was standing behind the female victim when she dropped her debit card.

"We believe this was in the area, picked it up found it and decided to go ahead and use it to his benefit," Fader said.

It was a crime of opportunity.

"It's a quick buck for them. They get what they want, and the victim and the banks suffer the consequences," Fader said.

Now, the detective is hoping you'll help catch a thief.

"Hopefully, somebody will recognize this person, if they don't we'll keep digging, and keep looking," Fader said. "When you go into these places, most places do have video surveillance, it's not a matter of if you get caught it's when you get caught."

If you recognize the man in the surveillance photo you're asked to call Crime Stoppers, at 222-STOP (937-222-7867).

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