DPS and DEA will go back to the negotiating take days before start of school

DPS and DEA will go back to the negotiating take days before start of school (WKEF/WRGT File Photo)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Dayton Public Schools and the Dayton Education Association teachers union will go back to the negotiating table Monday after walking away from their first bargaining session following the union's filing of an official notice to strike with the State.

The notice was filed July 31.

Since then, parents have been waiting to hear if their kids will go back to school August 15 with their teachers, or with more than 600 substitute teachers in their place in the case of a work stoppage strike.

"By law I have to send him to school," said mom April Murdock, “But trust and believe I am looking for alternatives because this just makes me feel further like there's no point in staying with DPS."

Murdock's son goes to Dunbar High School.

She said she has been following the news of the potential teacher strike, and said she sides with the teachers.

"I really have no faith in DPS and it's sad to say because I'm a product of DPS," said Murdock.

"Just like the RTA went on strike, they came to an agreement, I don’t see why they can't," said another parents Desiree Burrows about DPS and the DEA union.

Negotiations Wednesday happened inside the building that houses the headquarters for the Dayton Education Association.

Just after 5 p.m., DEA president David Romick told FOX 45 that negotiations were finished for the day, and talks will resume as scheduled Monday.

As to whether they reached a deal, Romick said "no comment."

"To have something where you can't negotiate, both sides can't negotiate to say we need you and you need us-- and you can't find a common ground, that ultimately says forget the kids because those are the people getting hurt," said Murdock.

The union has said one of the main sticking points for the contract negotiation is salary.

FOX 45 checked with the district and found the base salary at the start of the 2016-2017 school year is $38,336.

Before negotiations were halted in June, Romick told FOX 45's Kelly May the district often loses good teachers to better paying districts.

The strike could begin as soon as August 11 if a contract agreement is not reached.

Murdock said not knowing the fate of her son's education this close to the start of the school year is sending her into a panic.

"They're gunna go to school, there's gunna be times they're not gunna have a lesson plan, or they're gunna have half a lesson plan, yet they're still required to meet these deadlines for testing," said Murdock.

Stay with Fox 45 as negotiations continue Monday and Wednesday.

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