Dayton Police: Still no suspects in murder of young mother of 2

Dayton Police: Still no suspects in murder of young mother of 2 (Photo: Dayton Police)

WALL OF JUSTICE: The Dayton Police Department is asking for your help as they work to solve a cold case where 27-year-old mother of two was murdered.

“It was inside her home,” Dayton Police Cold Case Detective Patty Tackett said, “where you think you’re safe.”

Neighbors were the ones to call police back on February 20, 2013.

“There was some neighbors that heard a couple gunshots,” she said, “and then later heard running water.”

“When they went to check, they had seen the kids and knew that there were kids inside the house,” she continued. “So they did call officers. Officer did see the kids wandering around and did force entry into the house.”

Brian Castle knew something was wrong that night, and told FOX 45’s Elyse Coulter about the killer.

“They gonna get him,” he said. “They gonna get him. I pray to God they gonna get him.”

Detectives knew something was off about the scene.

“We’ve got no injury to the children that were inside the house,” Detective Tackett said. “They were young children, and the fact that doors were locked.”

They said the pit bull inside the home that night had been aggressive toward officers, giving them another clue about who may have killed Jillian.

“We do believe that it was somebody that was close to, that knew Jillian, who had been at another location before,” she said.

Detective found drugs inside the house and said Jillian was selling them, but that’s not changing their investigation.

“it’s not up to us to judge that,” Detective Tackett said. “What is up for us to do is to find out who did this, because no matter what she was doing, she should not have been killed and taken away from her children.”

Now they’re reaching out to the public to help solve the case.

“We have to have the public’s help,” she said. “Without them, we aren’t doing to solve these cases.”

“We, as a police department, as well as a community, a society as well as a media,” she added, “what we can do is bring this person to justice.”

If you have any information on who may have killed Jillian Miles, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 222-STOP.

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