Local group teaching kids about bullying

Local group teaching kids about bullying.

DAYTON (WKEF/WRGT) -- Bullying can happen at any age, and one local non-profit called New Beginnings for You is taking on the challenge of teaching kids in elementary school right from wrong.

Fox 45's Elyse Coulter went inside the classroom.

"The definition of violence," asked Sheri Aldridge, Executive Director of New Beginnings for You.

"You're pushing you're kicking or something like that," answered one of the students.

Aldridge, teaching a classroom of eager nine and 10-year-olds at Emerson Academy in Dayton about bullying.

"Pushing people down," answered a student.

"Ok. Young Lady?" asked Aldridge.

"Talking about people behind their backs," answered a student.

"They may not understand that bullying was wrong," said Aldridge.

Aldridge is the Executive Director for a local non-profit called New Beginnings for You.

She's taking her fight against bullying inside Dayton's classrooms.

"I can't just smack him in the face or punch just because I don't like him right?" said Aldridge to the class.

For the past nine years and is taking what she's learned and giving it to these impressionable minds.

"Speaking, touching or hitting another in a ways that is undesired or hurtful will not be tolerated," read a student.

"I've known about bullying but I didn't know all the stuff about bullying," said Aubrey Sawvell, fourth grade student at Emerson Academy.

10-year-old Aubrey Sawvell has been sitting in Miss Sheri's class for several weeks.

"I was like telling my sister to stay out of my room. And I was like really rude about it," said Sawvell.

"So what did you do?" asked the reporter.

"I told her I was sorry, answered Sawvell.

"How did that make you feel?" asked the reporter. "Very proud," said Sawvell.

"I learned how to be respectful to others and treat others how I wanted to be treated," said Eriana Mitchell, fourth grade student at Emerson Academy.

9-year-old Eriana Mitchell says she's learned a lot.

"When you be mean to others it will make them feel bad and they have feelings too so you need to treat them like they're human," said Mitchell.

All important life lessons that Aldridge is inspired to share.

"I want to just do my part to make sure that if I can help just a handful of people say 'I love me' and then maybe that handful of people can help the next people say 'I love you too and we love each other," said Aldridge.

Click here for information on how to get Sheri into a classroom to teach kids about bullying.

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