NAACP Dayton chapter endorses Issue 6 and Issue 1

    NAACP Dayton chapter endorses Issue 6 and Issue 1 (WRGT/WKEF)<p>{/p}

    DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF)- The Dayton Chapter of the NAACP announced its endorsement of two issues on the November Ballot Saturday.

    The NAACP Dayton chapter along with the state chapter are supporting Issue 6, Issue 1 and Issue 8, however at this meeting they focused on Issue 1 and 6.

    Issue 1 moves to reduce penalties for those found with small amounts of illegal drugs.

    “Issue One is a step in the right direction, it will take people who don’t need to be in prison and it will take them home and allow them to be treated.” said 2nd Vice Preside Chair Tom Roberts.

    Issue 6, which if approved, would renew a levy to maintain the Five River Metro Parks.

    “Keeping these parks and recreation facilities open is very vital for our young people because they need a place to go.” said 1st Vice President Chair Rev. Herman Branham.

    The NAACP also spoke against Republican Candidate for Ohio Treasurer Robert Spraygue for his campaign rhetoric.

    They say he darkened his opponent Rob Richardson’s face in campaign literature.

    Members of the NAACP chapter said they are nonpartisan but do not agree with Spraygue's rhetoric at a debate in Findlay, Ohio.

    The NAACP is now asking for an apology from him.

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