How close is your child to a sex offender?

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DAYTON (WRGT) -- Sex offenders in your neighborhood, and if your kids have to walk to school they could be walking right by their houses.

We looked at schools in Dayton, Xenia and Springfield.

All districts have walkers, but one district had 125 registered sex offenders within one mile of the school.

Candace Johnson is protective of her 9-year-old daughter.

"Walk her to school every day, and then when she gets out I'm there to pick her up," said Johnson.

She lives within a quarter-mile of Cox Elementary School in Xenia.

We checked to see how many registered sex offenders live within a quarter mile of the school.

"Were you shocked to know that there were three registered sex offenders living within a quarter mile?" asked the reporter.

"Yes, I was, very," Johnson said. She said she never got any information about them.

We also checked around Warder Park/Wayne Elementary School in Springfield.

Ida Rafferty's 12-year-old daughter walks about a half-mile to school.

"Within the half-mile that she walks there are six registered sex offenders," said the reporter.

"That's pretty upsetting. I didn't know that, no," said Rafferty.

Rafferty says someone should notify parents if their kids have to walk by any sex offenders' homes.

"If they know when those kids are coming, that's kind of just setting them up," said Rafferty.

But the most shocking of all was near Edwin Joel Brown School in Dayton.

There are six sex offenders within a quarter-mile, 51 within a half-mile, and 125 within a mile.

"A lot of the kids have to walk past these houses," said the reporter.

"Yeah. And these might look like normal people to them or that they're nice," said Rachel.

Rachel didn't want to show her face, but says something needs to be done to protect the kids.

"People notified with letters. I know some places does it but not everybody does," said Rachel. "Show a picture of the house, show a picture of the man, so the kids know what to look for."

Now, legally, sex offender must live 1,000 feet from a school.

So the offenders who live within a quater-mile aren't doing anything illegal.

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