Web Extra: The cost of Narcan

The cost of Narcan. (Photo: MGN Online)

In Montgomery County, the health department buys the Naloxone or Narcan.

The Health Department gets about $20,00 from the Ohio Department of Health.

ADAMHS gets another $80,000 from the Human Services Levy in the county.

That combined $100,000 is used for law enforcement.

Any Law enforcement agecny in Montgomery County can the Narcan. They're trained first.

If the county uses up the $100,000 and out of Narcan , they can get more from Project Dawn which also maintains an nventory.

Here's information provided by the Dayton Police Department:

Updated 2017 numbers (through April 30th) the Dayton Police department has used 403 doses of Naloxone on 238 victims.

That is an average of 101 doses on 60 victims per month.

Here's information provided by the Miami County Sheriff's Office:

We have used the Narcan kits 14 times since May, 2016. The kits are supplied to us at no cost by the Miami County Health Department who receives a grant

to fund them from the state. The Tri-County Board of Mental Health has also recently supplied the Health Dept. kits at no cost. Tri-County obtains its funding from

the counties of Darke, Miami, and Shelby along with state monies.

Here's information provided by t he Clark County Sheriff's Office:

we have used 136 doses of Narcan. The Narcan is provided by the health department. The health department has received a grant through the state.

The cost of the Narcan is approximately $71.00 per dose.

Here's addition Information provided by the Montgomery County Health Dept.:

Narcan for public distribution through CarePoint


408 nasal sprays


612 nasal sprays

Cost per unit is $72 for a two year total of $73,152

Narcan for Project Dawn

Funding from Ohio Dept. of Health in 2016 $15,265 2017 $26,033

Police Narcan Repository

Funding from Ohio Dept. of Health 2016 $19,578 2017 $19,578

ADAMHS 2016 $43,519 2017 $20,597

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