WEB EXTRA: FOX 45 talks with Times Square crash witness

(Photo: Liz Long via Instagram)

(WKEF/WRGT) - A car drove up onto the sidewalk and into a crowd at Times Square May 18, killing 1 and about 20 others.

The driver, a man who reportedly appeared to be intoxicated, was going the wrong way down the road before coming to rest on top of the steel barriers intended to block vehicles from getting onto the sidewalk.

Elizabeth Long, a Kettering-area PR professional, said she saw the whole thing happen.

" Car drove up on the sidewalk on Broadway & 43rd in NYC headed right toward where I was walking. Fortunately I was able to duck into a building as it sped by and crashed. At least 6 people are injured. Please pray for them." she posted on Instagram.

FOX 45 reached out to Long after the incident and spoke with her over the phone about what she witnessed.

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