WEB EXCLUSIVE: How to protect yourself from cyberbullies and hackers


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Fox 45's Mike Sullivan talks with attorney Zachary Heck about tips to protect yourself from cyberbullies and hackers on social media. Watch the full interview then read more below:

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) – Cyberbullies and hackers are out there surfing the web, and riding the waives alongside millions of unsuspecting targets, so how can you protect yourself? It starts with being proactive.

“Be careful about where you put your information on where you shop, what fields you have to auto-remember,” attorney Zachary Heck said, “We can’t forget that our kids are really savvy. They pick up a cell phone or a tablet faster than those of us who didn’t grow up with it at our fingertips.”

While older generations may not always be the victim, Heck said hackers are always searching for the most vulnerable and easy target.

“Hackers are becoming more, and more innovative every single day, and there are even books online, websites that can teach you how to hack a wireless network for a very affordable cost,” Heck said.

What people put on the internet, and how they put it out there is crucial. Sensitive persona l information can be just as damaging as a stolen credit card number online.

“A friend today might not be a friend tomorrow, and what you put out on social media in a text message, or whatever you put out on the internet, there’s a permanency there,” Heck said.

Even students in the Dayton area are seeing material cross the internet and land in the hands of people they weren’t originally intended for.

“Seeing nudes, a bunch of threats, stuff like that,” a student named Kendall Simmons said.

“It can have an incredibly harmful impact upon the target, probably more so than we saw growing up,” Heck said.

Cyberspace creates an endless audience for cyberbullies and hackers to prowl.

“If you’re just hiding behind a computer you’re sending messages, it’s very difficult to argue and possibly prosecute the person,” Cyberspace attorney Andrew Rossow said.

In a story this week, FOX45 took a look at the ways the law is catching up to cyberbullies. You can check it out here.

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