Student with Down's Syndrome crowned prom queen

Christine Guertzen smiles after being crowned prom queen.

Louisiana, Mo. (CNN Newsource/KHQA) - In an age of bullying, a high school in Missouri is teaching us all a lesson of kindness.

Christine Guertzen is all smiles ear-to-ear after being crowed prom queen Saturday night. Christine is a senior and Down's Syndrome. Her Senior class nominated her for prom court and the Junior class voted her in. "There were a lot of tears and everyone felt happy for her that she had that special moment and to realize she was a part of something special," said fellow senior Macie Crane.

Christine has been in class with her peers since Kindergarten. Her mother, Jennifer, said she was afraid that her daughter would face rejection from her peers, but says it's been the complete opposite. "I was so overwhelmed with emotion," she said.

The principal at Louisiana High School says he has nothing but pride for the kids who walk the halls of his high school every day. "It was awesome the kids recognized that everyone has something to bring to the table to give her an opportunity to shine," said principal Derrick Branstetter.

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