Planting tomatoes


Plant types

• Determinate tomatoes - compact, better for containers and patios, don't need staking, harvest all at once

• Indeterminate tomatoes - bigger plants, require staking, harvest all season long

Fruit types

• Cherry/grape tomatoes - small, easy to eat. Cherries usually sweeter but have thin skins that split on counter. Grapes have thicker skin and don't split.

• Plum/saladette/roma/paste tomatoes - Usually heavier, "meatier", better for paste/canning (determinates ideal for this)

• Round red sliders - productive, rounded, ideal for sandwiches, disease resistance

• Beefsteaks/heirlooms - sometimes striped, flatter, round


Pick off bottom two leaves, plant 1-2 inches deeper than pot soil line (will root along stem, prolong need for staking)

Plant in full sun.

Give each plant 2 Tbsp slow release fertilizer at time of planting and when fruiting begins. You can get tomato fertilizer, or just use a general fertilizer, making sure it has calcium.

Give your transplant a good deep watering at the time of transplanting and continue until established. At that point, the plant will tell you when it's thirsty. :)

Tip: Bigger is not always better! Don't pay extra for a big plant. If it's rootbound, it will go into shock at transplanting. Tomatoes are very vigorous, so a smaller plant will catch up in size very quickly.

Tip: On a hot day like today, try not to transplant in the heat of day. You'll make for a better transition if you plant in the morning or evening.

You can get more information about tomatoes ans gardening on Spring Hill Nursery website.