UPDATE: Coroner identifies woman killed in early morning fire in Centerville

Woman killed in early morning fire in Centerville (WKEF/WRGT)

UPDATE: The Montgomery County Coroner's Office has identified the woman killed in an early morning fire in Centerville as Mary Atkinson, 68.


Earlier Coverage:

CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Fire has claimed the life of a woman in Centerville and we're told medics also took a man to be treated.

Fire broke out around 6:30 Tuesday morning on Coachman Drive, a neighborhood near the downtown area of Centerville.

Firefighters say the man and woman who lived in the home woke up to the smell of smoke and tried to find out where it was coming from, but the flames got too intense. Firefighters say the man ran outside and thought the woman came with him. After getting out of the house, the man knocked on a neighbor's door for help and tried to get back inside, but the flames were too intense.

Nick Boerger lives next door and talked to Fox 45 about his neighbors, "These were the greatest folks you'd want to live next to. These are the neighbors you want to have next door. You want to borrow a tool, they'll let you borrow a tool. She's always out walking the dogs, volunteering, helping with pets."

The name of the woman who died in the fire has not been released, but we're told she's a senior citizen. The fire marshal will be on scene later today to try and figure out what caused this fire. Firefighters say this is an unfortunate example of why when you see smoke or fire, you should get out of the building as quickly as possible.

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