WEB EXCLUSIVE : College Degrees And The Growing Wage Gap

While the cost of college continues to rise many wonder if the degree is worth the money. (Photo courtesy MGN Online)

(WKEF/WRGT) - While the cost of college continues to rise many wonder if the degree is worth the money. New data shows us that despite the threat of looming loan debt, a college degree has never been more valuable.

According to a recent study by the Economic Policy Institute, the wage between a college grad and someone with only a high school diploma has never been higher. The average wage of a college grad stands at $31.87 an hour, nearly twice as much as someone with only a high school education, $17.14. Since 2007 the average wage has increased by 4.2 percent for college grads. For high school grads it has dropped by 2.3 percent. For all the details in this study, click here.

In Montgomery County, Ohio, the developmental services works with the job center to help find workers jobs. The department says finding a job for someone with a degree or a certification is easier than someone with none.

"Thirty-four percent come in with an associate's degree or higher," says Mark Anderson from the Developmental Services department. "We're going to be searching for positions for you in a different manner than if you don't have the educational certificates."

Anderson says a degree or certificate sets even lower class workers ahead. "Having a certification in an industry that you're seeking a job in does put you above everybody else," says Anderson. "It shows you have the initiative to go on ahead and take the time to learn about that industry and go through the classes."

For information on how to apply for a class or certification through the job center, click here.

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