Some scramble to find way to safely watch Great American Eclipse

Some scramble to find way to safely watch Great American Eclipse (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Monday's eclipse is just days away and some people are still scrambling to find ways to watch it safely.

The NASA certified glasses are hard to come by, most stores are sold out.

So people are going to welding shops like Weiler in moraine to buy special lenses to watch the eclipse.

"To be honest, today's been like Black Friday for us," Store Manager David Radominski said.

Non-stop callers and countless customers all want one thing: a dark piece of glass to view the eclipse.

Jennifer Stamper bought enough for her whole family.

"They were eight dollars apiece," Stamper said.

A small price for a rare experience.

"It only happens every once and a while and you want your kids to experience it," Stamper said.

So far Weiler has sold 2,500 welding lenses and goggles. Radominski said they're safe and easy to use.

"You just simply hold it up to your eyes and look straight at it," Radominski said.

A filter for your eye.

But what about your camera?

Professional photographer Zac Surant suggests a solar or ND filter.

"It helps you by making everything really, really dark, except for seeing really, really bright light," Surant said.

If you don't protect your camera, it could damage it.

"The sensor in your camera is a lot like your retina," Surant said.

Not everyone owns a professional camera, but most people have a cell phone. So, can you get a selfie with the eclipse?

"You might be able to see it, but it probably won't be that quality of an image and probably won't see it that well," Surant said.

If you take pictures, Surant said watch the screen, not the sun and don't forget to protect your eyes.

Weiler will keep selling lenses through Monday.

Jennifer is happy she's set, and excited for the big event.

"We're going to bring them home and enjoy it as a family," Stamper said.

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