Several buildings on Celina family's farm destroyed after EF-2 tornado

Several buildings on Celina family's farm destroyed after EF-2 tornado (WKEF/WRGT)

CELINA, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- Fox 45’s Christian Hauser talked with a family who had several buildings on their farm destroyed during Sunday’s storm.

The farm, west of Celina, is on Pine Road. It has been in the Diller family for six generations.

Bob Diller was out with his wife when he says he called to warn his daughter Amber, after a tornado warning came across his phone. The warning said a tornado was heading for her and the family farm.

“I was like 'oh whatever,'we get high winds all the time but then I looked outside and it was a wall of water. The wind was awful,” Amber said.

Amber knew she had to get in the basement.

“You could just hear commotion outside. Things were flying and hitting everything and it was just scary,” Amber said.

Amber finally was able to see just how much damage the tornado did.

“I didn’t believe it at first. I was like there is no way,” Amber said.

“She called back six minutes later and said ‘everything is gone,’” Bob said.

The family was searching to see if anything was salvageable in the wreckage.

There was a barn that had stood for 130 years that was destroyed.

“My family was first, house, this barn was the farm. That’s the sad part but we can replace buildings. We got, the family is good,” Bob said.

The family home was relatively untouched but Several cattle were killed in the storm.

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