Officials say safe haven law used in Englewood case rarely used

The safe haven law is reportedly rarely used in the Dayton area. (WKEF/WRGT)

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - There's new video of police discovering a newborn who was supposedly left in a shopping cart Turns out that was not true and the young mother will not be charged due to a safe haven law.

Officials told FOX 45's Rhonda Moore it's not very often that officers find themselves in that situation, as the safe haven law is rarely used in the Dayton area.

"Somebody left a newborn infant in a shopping cart," an officer told dispatch May 16 after they got a call that two young women found a baby in a cart at Walmart.

"Literally in the shopping cart, top part of it, nothing around it," the officer said. "The placenta in the bag and wrapped in some clothes in the car and put a diaper on it. Unbelievable."

Police said the women's story didn't add up, and then one admitted she's the mother.

She said the baby was born Monday but she didn't know what to do and called a friend.

Police said under Ohio's safe haven law, the mother will not be charged since she called 911 for police help.

"Sometimes people have children they're not ready for and they're desperate and they find themselves in desperate situations," said Dayton Fire Department Assistant Chief Jeff Lykins.

Dayton's assistant fire chief said a newborn can be dropped off at any fire or police station or a hospital.

"Really without any questions asked. Most of the kind of questions we'll get from somebody who drops off an infant is related to the infant," said Lykins.

They will ask about the child's health, maybe family health history, and the child must be 30 days old or younger wt no signs of abuse.

Lykins recommends using the safe haven law if necessary.

"They find themselves in a position where they feel they're unable to give proper care to an infant, absolutely stop by any fire station, police station or hospital," said Lykins.

The baby was wrapped up and seemed healthy, according to officials, and was taken to the hospital.

Children Services will put him up for adoption.

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