Police Chief: Speed cameras need to come back to Dayton

Speed Cameras are still around the Dayton area, just not in service

DAYTON (WKEF/WRGT)- You will still see red light and speed cameras around Dayton, but none of them have been issuing tickets for about two years since a law went into effect saying an officer had to be present to verify any tickets issued.

Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said something has to be done to get drivers to slow down to make it safer for people behind the wheel and folks walking along the road.

"There's more people being hurt. There's more property damage occurring and there's more people dying in the last two years. (Traffic enforcement cameras) has demonstrated its effectiveness to create a safer pedestrian and driver environment," Chief Biehl said.

We told you Wednesday night about Chief Biehl saying the department needs to use some form of camera technology.

"We need to return to some fashion of this enforcement to try and curtail the injuries and deaths that have resulted," Chief Biehl said.

The chief said they won't just turn the switch back on for the red light cameras already around town, this will be a brand new program. Biehl also said many of those cameras aren't at the most dangerous intersections.

He said the summer is the busiest season for his officers and when he has the fewest numbers on the streets.

"So it makes it very difficult to have extra time to devote to fixed traffic enforcement by putting an officer present by putting an officer present at a location where this technology is being used," Chief Biehl said.

There are still several steps before the program could become a reality.

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