New Carlisle family continues to push to keep their pet pig

A New Carlisle family is doubling down on their effort to keep their pet potbelly big. (WKEF/WRGT)

NEW CARLISLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – A New Carlisle family is doubling down on their effort to keep their pet potbelly big.

Olive came to Misti Hendrick’s family about 2 years ago in April, but she was just recently brought up as a potential issue in their neighborhood.

“I got a complaint from a neighbor that she’s a nuisance,” Misti said.

After the complaint was brought up, the city of New Carlisle turned their attention to the family and said Olive violates an ordinance that bans farm animals in the town.

Misti was given a week to remove Olive originally, but she went to a council meeting, who gave her until April 7 to get Olive out of city limits.

“She isn’t livestock,” Misti defended. “She is a pet. She is a pig, but she is a Vietnamese potbelly pig, which is a domesticated animal.”

So she’s fighting back by trying to get the issue on a ballot in November.

"My goal is not to allow farm animals into the city of New Carlisle,” Misti said. “My goal is to change it to where that potbelly pigs are no longer classified as livestock, and they are domesticated and allowed to be within city limits."

Originally, Misti had gone around her neighborhood and gotten 250 signatures from her neighbors on a petition, well over the 142 signatures she needed. However, when she went to a council meeting, she was told it was not the correct format, and she has to start over.

Only registered voters in the city of New Carlisle’s signatures count toward the petition, and if you fall in that category, Misti invites you to stop by and sign her petition as well as meet Olive yourself.

“I will fight it as far as I need to,” she said, “because I don’t feel she’s a farm animal.”

Misti said she’s finding a temporary home for Olive between the April eviction date and the November election, but if they can’t ultimately keep their pet, they’ll look to move out of the area.

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