Neighbors fighting back to get eyesore in neighborhood


DAYTON (WKEF/WRGT) -- Dayton neighbors are fighting back to tear down an eyesore they say has become a danger to their kids.

Chris Hicks and Don Williams said the garage in the alley between Findlay Street and Gerlaugh Avenue has become a dumping ground and is frequented by drug users.

"I'm just tired of cleaning it up. I'm tired of it," Hicks told Fox 45's Kelly May on Monday, April 17.

Hicks pointed out the large amounts of garbage littering the alley and stuffed inside the decrepit garage, as well as the exposed rusty nails, and walls about to cave.

Hicks' garage is across the alley from the problem property.

"I guess it would take a child being in there and actually getting hurt or killed by something falling over," Hicks said, "Then they want to do something about it then it'd be too late, you know?"

Hicks said most of the neighborhood kids are not allowed in the alley because of the hazards in and around the garage.

One child reported his bike tire popped by a used syringe.

"I don't know how many times I've run kids out of there actually playing in that stuff," Hicks said, "I told housing inspection when they come down the road I told them about it and they come around and look at it and drive right off."

Hicks explained the Findlay Street house the garage belongs to caught fire a few years ago.

According to online records, the property now belongs to the Montgomery County Land Bank and has been deemed a nuisance, with 15 outstanding property violations.

"What's posting papers going to do it’s been like that for over a year," Hicks said about the warning posters that were recently torn off the garage.

Williams said he's noticed suspected drug users using the garage as a place to shoot up.

He also said the garage has been frequented by scrappers, making the structure even more unsound.

After calling city housing inspectors numerous times, Hicks said he's stumped with what to do next to get the problem cleaned up.

"Stuff like that just makes you not want to live here you know what I mean," Hicks said.

Fox 45 has reached out to the property owner as well as city of Dayton officials charged with vacant and nuisance properties to see if the garage will be torn down.

You can check to see if homes in your Dayton neighborhood have outstanding property violations through the City of Dayton's online tool just click on this link.

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