More than 60 firearms found in Kirkersville shooter's house

Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario, and nurses Marline Medrano & Cindy Katz were killed during the shootings in Kirkersville. Investigators say they later found more than 60 guns in Thomas Hartless's home (WSYX/WTTE)

Investigators who searched Thomas Hartless's home hours after he shot and killed three people in Kirkersville found 64 guns and rifles inside the house, according to court documents.

The Licking County Sheriff's Office got a warrant to search the house in Utica after Hartless killed the Kirkersville Police Chief, and two nurses at the Pine Kirk Care Center, including his ex-girlfriend. He then shot and killed himself.

The list of what they found inside the home included dozens of rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Deputies say they also found ammunition in the home. Investigators also seized a laptop and a Ruger P90 gun case.

Hartless was convicted in 2010 on felony abduction charges, and as a convicted felon was not allowed to own any firearms. He was arrested in March 2017 on domestic violence charges involving Marlina Medrano, but was released after just three weeks. He was due in court the Friday of the shooting, after Medrano accused him of attacking her twice more after his release.

The morning of May 12th, investigators say Hartless shot and killed Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario as DiSario responded to reports of a man with a gun near the Pine Kirk Care Center. Then they say Hartless forced his way inside the nursing home and gunned down Medrano and Cindy Katz before killing himself.

A judge is now investigating why Hartless was released from jail early.

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