Montgomery County to add 20+ warning sirens in coming months

Montgomery County to add 20+ warning sirens in coming months (WKEF/WRGT)

CLAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- Gladys Benvenuto and her family moved to Clayton 30 years ago. The family never had warning sirens back in their home state of New York, so they never thought about the fact that Clayton did not have any warning sirens.

"It never came up but we sure could use one I think," Benvenuto said.

Benvenuto was happy to hear Clatyon along with several other towns will be getting four warning sirens in the coming months.

"Certain people don't have their phones or they don't know how to use them like elderly people so a siren will benefit us I think. Like I said better safe than sorry," Benvenuto said.

The Montgomery County EMA was awarded a $250,000 Homeland Security grant for warning sirens for 2015.

The county added a cost-sharing component, so the grant will pay for 50% of the siren and towns will pay the remaining 50%.

"Most of these communities either haven't had sirens, like us we have no sirens currently in the city so these will be the first four sirens we ever put in our community and other communities are like that," Clayton Fire Chief Brian Garver said.

It was just last year a tornado touched down next door to Clayton in Clay Township. Many people had no idea danger was near.

Chief Garver says the new sirens costs about $21,000 and that the county could get up to 24 sirens.

The county decided that sirens being shared between communities get a higher priority.

Clayton is working with Clay Township, Englewood and Trotwood.

The sirens also will be able to alert folks to terror attacks or other dangers in the community.

"No one is immune from terrorist attacks or hazardous materials spills, tornadoes so it's just another option we have in the public safety realm to get information out and warn the public about anything that would put them in danger," Chief Garver said.

Chief Garver says these warning sirens are just one tool and says you should also have an emergency weather radio as well in case the power goes out.

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