Man admits to installing camera in Clark County couple's bedroom

Theodore Galbreath, 64, entered a guilty plea to a charge of voyeurism. (Photo: Clark County Jail/MGN Online)

UPDATE: Everyone knows that pretty much any time you're in public, you're being capture by surveillance cameras, but your home is normally a break away from that.

One Clark County couple was surprised when they found a camera in their bedroom; one that they hadn't placed there.

The camera was hidden behind a computer in a bedroom, and was aimed at the couple's bed.

It may have been there for two weeks when discovered.

A family member pleaded guilty Thursday to putting it there.

"I think that's really disturbing," said neighbor Jane Hanson.

Her neighbor, 64- year-old Theodore Galbreath, is accused of putting a hidden camera in his relative's house.

"That would be extremely uncomfortable and not knowing probably who, you know, who it was, that would just be awful," said Hanson.

"They did not know where this camera came from or any of the circumstances surrounding how it ended up in their house," said Clark County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Kristopher Shultz.

The couple found the camera while cleaning their bedroom.

"Some of the equipment was hidden from plain view so it was only by chance I believe they were able to locate this camera," said Shultz.

Investigators said they traced the camera back to Galbreath.

"He made admissions of guilt to the investigators," said Shultz.

Galbreath was in court this morning charged with voyeurism, which is a misdemeanor

"It's wrong, obviously there's something going on mentally there," said a neighbor who we're calling "Kathy." She didn't want to be identified.

Galbreaths' neighbor's in the fallen timbers subdivision were surprised.

"Somebody is invading your privacy and especially in intimate situations like that," said Henson.

"It's so sad, there's nothing more important than personal privacy and I wish them a smooth recovery to feeling safe in their own home," said "Kathy."

Deputies said pay attention when someone is in your home, and check for things out of place.

"It would be bad enough if it was a stranger or someone that was putting this kind of device in a home, but to have someone you know and who is a family member that you would like to trust and believe wouldn't do this kind of thing that ads insult to injury ," said Shultz.

Galbreath works at an insurance company

Investigators said video from the hidden camera was on his company's iCloud.

The incident happened last December but he was just arraigned Wednesday.

He could get 90 days in jail and or fined 750 dollars.

CLARK COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Clark County couple makes a disturbing find while cleaning out their bedroom. According to a report the victims filed with police, the couple was cleaning their bedroom and found a video camera hidden behind a computer.

The couple says the camera's light was flashing, meaning it was recording. The homeowner went through footage from his home security system and found that Theodore Galbreath, 64, had entered the home. Galbreath had the security code to the home. Investigators were able to link Galbreath to the camera through subpoena and ended up interviewing him.

During the interview, police say Galbreath admitted to installing the camera. Investigators say he told them he installed the camera hoping to see the victims nude. Galbreath made his first court appearance this morning in Clark County Municipal Court where he entered a guilty plea for a charge of voyeurism, a second degree misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for the charge is 90 days in jail or a $750 fine.

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