Local high school wrestlers decide to feast at Golden Corral after their season ends

Three Northmont wrestlers decided to take the day on March 18 to kick back in a Golden Corral. (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – Everyone has a different way of kicking back once a major stress comes off their shoulders, and three Northmont wrestlers decided to take the day on March 18 to kick back in a Golden Corral.

Twin brothers Chase and Chad Craft just wrestled their final year at the high school, and they took freshman Andrew Knick under their wing to help him train throughout the season.

Knick decided to do something special for the boys, and the three of them decided they were going to feast once states were over. While the original plan was to head to a steakhouse, Chase knew where they could go instead to spend a whole day and get everything they want to eat.

Their team had stopped at a Golden Corral while at a tournament, and Chase said the restaurant was where he always wanted to go on his birthday, but wasn’t able to due to the diet required to keep up with wrestling. But after the season was over, there was nothing stopping them.

“Coming here to just eat whatever I want, just desserts, different types of food that I can eat,” he said, “that’s just a great thing for me.”

After getting to Golden Corral around 10 a.m. for breakfast, the guys decided to hang out until around 10 p.m. and get their fill of everything available.

It was also a chance for Chase and Chad to pass on a last bit of advice to Andrew before heading off to college.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, buddy,” Chase said. “You gotta keep going out and training year-round like you have been. That’s all I got to say about him.:

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