Photos: Kids removed from filthy Springfield home full of feces, garbage and cockroaches

Margaret Buell, 36, and Joseph Buell, 43, were both arrested on three charges of child endangering. (Photo: Clark Co. Jail/MGN Online)

UPDATE: A Springfield couple was in court May 12, where they faced charges in connection with endangering children.

Police said it's because they were living in deplorable conditions, and FOX 45's Rhonda Moore was able to get the pictures police are using as evidence.

U.S. Marshals went to the home looking for a fugitive. Instead of finding him, they said they found a very dirty house, so they notified police.

"I don't know how anybody can live like that, to be honest with you," said Joe Newton.

Joe Newton lives down the street from the filthy home on Warder Street. Joseph and Margaret Buell are charged with endangering children because of the conditions inside their home.

"That's uncalled for," said Newton.

FOX 45's Rhonda Moore showed Newton pictures police took in the home May 11.

They said it was deplorable and they could smell dog feces and garbage even before going in the house.

Inside they saw 20 large bags of garbage, dirty mattresses on the floor, vomit, large amounts of flies, gnats and cockroaches on the floor, walls and ceiling.

"There is no sense of living like that. Hell, if you want to live like that, go live under a train track or something," said Newton.

Police said the kitchen had dirty dishes, trash and dirty clothes all over the floor.

FOX 45's Moore talked to the husband. He wouldn't talk to me on camera but he said the house is now clean and they're getting new furniture tomorrow. He also said Children Services will be out at the home on Monday.

Nine and 11 year old children were also living there.

Newton feels sorry for the kids.

"They're raised like that, when they get older and stuff, they're going to think that's the way life is, and it's alright to be that way," said Newton.

The children are staying with a relative.

The Buells will be back in court Wednesday.

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Children have been removed from a Springfield home police say was so filthy, the could smell garbage and dog feces before they got inside the home.

Officers were called to the home on Warder Street by U.S. Marshals. Marshals were at the home looking for a fugitive when they noticed the filthy conditions. When officers made their way inside the home, they say an overwhelming smell of dog feces and garbage. Inside they say there were about 20 bags of garbage piled in the living room along with a mattress and box spring in the middle of the room, police say a child slept on that mattress. The mattress was also dirty, officers say, and had holes in it where they say it appeared a dog had been chewing.

Police say the floor was covered in trash, animal feces, animal vomit, tools and yard equipment. Officers also say there were flies, gnats and cockroaches throughout the living room on the floor, walls and ceiling. The walls in the living room also had several holes in them police say. As they moved through the home, police say the kitchen was full of dirty clothes on the floor, dirty dishes on the counter as well as trash. Police say insects had infested the kitchen, with hundreds of bugs crawling on the walls, floor and ceiling.

The floors in the hallways were also covered in trash, dirty clothes and insects. When police went into the room where the children slept, they say the mattress on the floor had no sheets and was dirty, the floor was also covered in dirty clothes and trash. Another room in the home was so packed full of trash and dirty clothes, police say they couldn't even get inside. Officers say the room where the couple, Margaret Buell, 36, and Joseph Buell, 43, slept was the cleanest in the home. Officers arrested Margaret and Joseph Buell, on charges of child endangering. The couple's children are now being cared for by a relative.

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