Join us for a FOX 45 eclipse watch party on Monday

The Fraze Pavilion (WKEF/WRGT)

KETTERING, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- The Fraze Pavilion will be the place to be on Monday to watch the solar eclipse.

FOX 45 is hosting a watch party along with iHeartMedia and the Fraze Pavilion.

"Fraze Pavilion is a wonderful community gathering spot for the city of Kettering and we're just honored to be a part of this great day in history," Karen Durham, the General Manager of the Fraze Pavilion said.

If you're planning on joining us, you'll want to treat it like there's a concert happening and that means get here early.

We have 1800 pairs of glasses we'll be giving out for the watch party but it's first come, first serve so get to the Fraze early on Monday.

"We're certainly happy to work in partnership with FOX 45 and ABC 22 because, as you said, it's going to be the event of the century right now and it hasn't happened in what, 99 years I believe?" Durham said.

Keep in mind parking is limited in the area, so your best bet is to park a few streets away and walk to the pavilion.

"It's really like a Fraze show night almost except the time is different during the day. We certainly suggest that you park on any of the available side streets around the facility where you can find a spot," said Durham. "It is a work day in Kettering. It is a school day in Kettering and so we certainly suggest carpooling or even biking or walking to the facility.”

We talked with several people to see what their plans were for the eclipse.

Zach and Jacob were walking with their parents near the pavilion. The twin brothers will be watching the eclipse with their scout troop.

"I'm pretty excited because it doesn't happen often. So yeah," Jacob said.

"This is my first time watching one so I don't really know what it's going to be like but I'm excited," Zach said.

Other people plan on watching it happen and watching the live feed from Hopkinsville, KY, which is the epicenter of the eclipse.

"I'm sure we're going to see some darkness and otherwise I think we may have a pretty good view of it," John Dieckhoff said as him and his wife were walking around the lake.

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