Huber Heights Police warn residents about large scale fraud/identity theft investigation

(Photo: MGN Online)

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Police in Huber Heights are sending out a warning about a large scale fraud and identity theft investigation.

Police alerted the public about the investigation on the department's Facebook page. Police say the complaint they received involves a small credit union in the Chicago area called Alliant Credit Union. According to police, the credit union is a legitimate business and in cooperating with the investigation.

According to police, the a fraudulent account was opened for a person who lives in Huber Heights. Police have contacted the Alliant Credit Union Fraud Department and were told there were several fraudulent accounts in the Dayton area and suspect several hundred more accounts from the area were fraudulent.

Earlier in the year, the credit union sent out letters to the victims they suspected had fraudulent accounts opened in their name. The letters asked for verification of the accounts, but they say they didn't get many answers. They suspect the victims thought the letters were a credit card scam.

Police are now asking anyone who did get a letter from Alliant Credit Union or has seen an Alliant Credit Union account on their credit report to call Huber Heights Police immediately.

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