Flyers game doubles fans on St. Patrick's Day


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Flyer faithfuls packed into bars hours before Friday's game.

"We've been out here since like 10 this morning," Chad, a fan at Flanagan's said.

The usual sea of blue and red was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Flyer frenzy was hidden underneath crazy costumes, with fans hoping the luck of Irish would be on their side.

"Even on St. Patrick's Day, its still a UD celebration," Jordan, another fan, said.

"That is probably the greatest day ever," Chad added.

But, all the excitement was a concern for area police. In 2013, students took to the streets in riot during Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. They also hit the streets in 2014 and 2015 when they won big in the tournament. Campus police released their safety plan on Monday, saying they hope for zero arrests.

"We are not putting up an iron gate, but still we are going to protect our students, and I think our students understand that," a press release said.

Campus, however, was quiet Friday night with the shocking silence, as a students gathered to watch the untimely tournament end. At least tonight, they still have a little more celebration to hold onto.

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