Dunbar advances to district final after court rules they can play in state tournament

Dunbar advances to district final after court rules they can play in state tournament (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – The Dunbar boys’ basketball team was back on the court Wednesday night after a judge ruled they would be allowed to play in the state tournament.

Dayton Public School officials filed a lawsuit against the Ohio High School Athletic Association after the team was suspended from the tournament. OSHAA said they played an ineligible player during a playoff game, but the judge said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the player was involved in a fight.

That win off the court cleared the way for Wednesday’s night game and for Dunbar to advance in the tournament. They took home the win against Fenwick by a final score of 27-26.

Parents were happy to see them team back in action.

“You know, those boys, they worked hard,” Jaunida Hurt said. “They didn’t cheat. They didn’t do anything that they weren’t told to do. They followed all the rules from the coaches and everyone else, so they should have never been penalized in the first place.”

For a week, Fenwick prepared to play two different teams, depending on what the court decided, and started prepared for any challenge.

“I’m glad they’re finally able to play on a basketball court and not in a judicial court,” Fenwick Fan Mike Duffin said. “It’s unfortunate, I think, but kids are resilient and hopefully we will see a good game from both teams.”

The OSHAA said it’s disappointed with the court’s decision, but they had no plans to appeal it. However, DPS may still face some punishment for how they handled the massive brawl in January.

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