NEW:Coroner says Centerville couple died of cocaine/carfentanil overdose


NEW: On Tuesday, May 30, the Montgomery Coroner ruled the official cause of death of Brian and Courtney Halye died of a cocaine and carfentantil overdose. This comes after a completed toxicology report and autopsy.


UPDATE: The forensic autopsies of Brian and Courtney Halye have been completed, but are pending a toxicology report which usually takes between six and eight weeks. However, according to Kenneth Betz with the Montgomery County coroner's office, the couple's deaths are consistent with the 165 other accidental overdose deaths involving fentanyl the county has seen so far this year.


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UPDATE: Police said the deaths of the two people appear to be drug related, and their teenage son called 911 after finding them on their bedroom floor.

We know the parents were both in their thirties, and the husband was a pilot.

Neighbors told us both brought two kids into their marriage.

The children had gotten up for school when they discovered the unimaginable.

"it's awful, it's just tragic," said Dana Dring.

"I thought it might be like carbon monoxide poisoning and then my husband said he heard on the news it was drugs and I have a friend whose daughter just overdosed on heroin and it's just becoming more and more prevalent," said Dring.

There are pictures of 36- year-old Brian Halye and 34-year-old Courtney Halye from their Facebook pages.

Police said they found drug paraphernalia in their home.

"There were four children in the residence at the time this call was received,," said Centerville Police Department Officer John Davis.

A 13 -year-old told police his parents were found on their bedroom floor .

"I think I might have heard, there might be, like it's a blended family, so hopefully the kids can live with another parent but that's what occurs to you, where are these children going to go?" said Dring..

One neighbor met Courtney once at the school bus stop.

"She's talking about her kids and what is going on at home with the kids and they are so annoying and stuff like that, yeah, all Just normal conversation," said neighbor Mawahib Abedalla

"I wish they would be fine and they grow safely and will be away from this stuff it's really scary to have something like this or to hear something like this," said .Abedalla.

Police told us families members have taken the children to be with them.

We reached out to Centerville schools where the children attend.

The superintendent said it's sad and the school has counselors for anyone needing help dealing with this.


CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Centerville police say they've found drug paraphernalia inside the home where they're investigating the suspicious death of two adults found dead this morning.

Police received a 911 call around 7:40 this morning to a home in the 7000 block of East Von Dette Circle. According to John Davis, the public information officer for Centerville Police, four children were inside the home at the time. Davis says the children are being cared for now by family.

According to the Montgomery County Coroner's office, the couple is identified as Brian J. Halye, 36, and Courtney A. Halye, 34. The coroner says an autopsy is scheduled for later this afternoon.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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