Dayton man says he was scammed out of hundreds of dollars through Facebook

A Dayton man found himself out hundreds of dollars after an alleged Facebook scam. (WKEF/WRGT)

OXFORD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Dayton man found himself out hundreds of dollars after an alleged Facebook scam.

He said it happened through Facebook Messenger, and now he wants others to beware.

Vernon Nored is a barber who recently got clipped of $200.

"I'm sick,” Nored said. “Got a text from, on Facebook Messenger from what I thought was my cousin.”

The message asked if he wanted money to pay some bills, and included a number he could text to get the money.

"They was asking me to pay $450 so I could be able to get $15,000," Nored said.

He wired $200, and was told to go buy an iTunes gift card.

"I got the card,” Nored said. “Now they want $300, and I was like 'Now that's it’.”

He wanted his money back, but was told no.

"You stole it, you conned me out of my money," Nored said.

"Why would you think you can get some money?" FOX 45’s Rhonda Moore asked him.

"Because I thought it was legit because of my cousin,” Nored said. “They piggy backed off of him to get to me. He just told me today that yes somebody has went in and duplicated his account on Facebook.”

FOX 45’s Moore called Nored’s contact and got a recording saying 'We're sorry, this person is not available right now, please leave a message (after the beep).”

Facebook has tips available to users about how to spot scams in Messenger, and how to secure your account.

"I would check my privacy settings,” University of Dayton IT Professor Dave Salisbury said. “I would think seriously about locking my wall to only people I know and recognize as friends.”

Unfortunately for Nored, he learned a lesson the hard way.

"If it sounds too good, it must not be right," he said.

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