Clark County cracks down on crime with blitz on night of St. Patrick's Day

Dozens of officers are swarming the West end of Clark County in this all-out effort. (WKEF/WRGT)

UPDATE: Sheriff Burchett told FOX 45 the unofficial totals from the blitz included 159 total traffic stops for multiple traffic and criminal offenses.

Out of the stops, a total of 16 people were taken to jail, 10 on misdemeanor warrants and 6 felony warrants. 2 of the felony warrants were for failure to appear, while 5 were for fugitive warrants.

Traffic offenses included 2 violations for no places, 1 for no operator license, 1 for speed, 4 for driving under suspension, 10 seat belt violations and 1 open container.

For criminal offenses, there were 5 instances of OVI, 2 of possession of marijuana, one for juvenile possession of marijuana, 1 of conveyance, 1 of obstruction of justice, 2 of failure to comply and 2 for underage possession of alcohol.

Crews also found 7 instances of felony drug possession, which included meth, pills, mushrooms and crack, and found 4 different stores that had instances of underage sale to a minor.

CLARK COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - It's a Friday night blitz.

Not sports but rather an all-out blitz by law enforcement.

They were out in Clark County tonight, March 17, 2017 going after law breakers.

We went riding along with the sheriff as they rounded up some bad guys.

Dozens of officers are swarming the West end of Clark County in this all-out effort.

It's the first time several agencies have joined together and we went along for the ride "Keep your hands on the car and don't take them off again," said Clark County Sheriff Deborah Burchett.

Clark County Sheriff Deborah Burchett pats down two young ladies pulled over by other deputies.

"Anyone we see doing anything wrong traffic wise, we're stopping them.," said Burchett.

"I thought maybe she was going for a gun, I had no clue what she was going for at that point in time," said Burchett.

Clark County deputies, Springfield Police, U.S. Marshal and Ohio Highway Patrol are working together on this Friday Night blitz.

"Basically what we did this for is to combat the drug activity out here. The people at this end of the county have been telling us there's a lot of drug activity," said Burchett.

On our ride along with Sheriff Burchett we witness officers surround a Park Layne house.

The man wanted on a warrant hid in the attic before coming out.

On another traffic stop K-9 hits on a truck.

At another location a man is arrested after allegedly throwing some meth behind a truck.

"I think the message we're sending is we're not going to sit around and wait in these drugs, we're going to be out seeking the drug dealers," said Burchett.

Sheriff Burchett said there will be more all-out blitz like the one tonight.

She wants to do this in Springfiled and other townships in the county.

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