Clark County residents want police drug blitz to continue

BETHEL TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - More than a dozen people behind bars after a drug blitz in Clark County.

Tonight, March 18, 2017 we're learning how the blitz helped Bethel Township clean up its streets.

The crackdown was kept a secret and went from 6:00 last night until midnight

Dozens of officers were involved.

They made 159 trafic stops, served 10 warrants and took 16 people to jail.

Neigbors said it was a good night for law enforcement and they couldn't be more pleased.

Noel Coles likes living in Bethel Township.

He grew up there.

"Growing up here was like , I hate to say it, like Mayberry," said Noel Coles.

Some say now there's a drug problem here.

"I think it's starting to go downhill," said Bethel Township resident Steve Hill.

That's why many neighbors are glad officers are cracking down.

"Good," said Coles.

Yesterday, we rode with new Clark County Sheriff Deborah Burchett as she and other officers blitz the Bethel Township, New Carlisle area.

"She said she was going to give us back our streets," said Coles.

Traffic violators were stopped, some searched.

Deputies showed us some of the drugs they found including meth and marijuana.

"Oh yeah there's a drug problem here," said Hill.

The Highway Patrol, Springfield Police and U. S. Marshal also took part.

"I'd like to see them do more patrolling and everything and maybe it'll pull it down some," said Bethel Township resident Loretta Whisman.

Loretta Whisman has lived in her Bethel Township home since the 1960s.

"Do you think there's a big drug problem in this area?" she was asked.

"Yes i do, uh, yes I do but I couldn't tell you who's doing it or what," said Whisman.

Neighbor's are happy about the police saturation last night but they're hoping this won't be the end of it.

"I love it. I love seeing an active police force in the community like this. I love it . I think it's the best thing that can go on," said Coles.

"If they keep doing it. But once or twice, then walk away, it'll be back. Might take 6 months but it'll be back. They need to keep doing it and staying on it," said Hill.

According to the sheriff, Meth,.Crack., pills and illegal mushrooms were found during the crackdown.

People were also busted for other offenses like under age sales to minors at four different stores, driving under suspension and having an open container.

The sheriff warns there will be more crackdowns around Clark County.

CLARK COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – An all-out blitz by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office was considered a success after more than 150 people were pulled over during the crackdown and 16 people were put behind bars March 17.

Somewhere around 30 or 40 officers were out on the streets in the western part of Clark County, and FOX 45’s Rhonda Moore was riding along with Sheriff Deborah Burchett for the crackdown.

Drivers were pulled over, mainly in Bethel Township and New Carlisle, for traffic infractions, and some cars were searched by officers or K-9s to try and find drugs or other contraband.

Deputies, Springfield Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol and U.S. Marshals were all out for the blitz to respond to complaints from neighbors about a drug problem in the area.

“They need to keep doing it and stay on it,” Bethel Township resident Steve Hill said. “You never used to see cops, now you see them more often. I think this is what it needs.”

The blitz was the first one since Burchett took office, but she promised there will be more to come.

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