TechBits: Cirago bridges gap between TV, computers (6.29.11)

{}{}{} A new device from Cirago connects computers and TVs for seamless management of your data and multimedia files.

{} The TV{}Platinum HD Network Multimedia Center sounds like it's just for video and other media, but at its heart, it's a network attached storage unit with a 2 terabyte hard drive.{} Lots of storage space is good- because multimedia is where this unit really shines.

{}{}{} You can store all your favorite movies, pictures, and music on the hard drive- or a thumb drive or media card. {}It plugs into your TV by HDMI , so you don't have to watch your movies on your computer.{} It also has built in media players so it can also port your pictures and music through your TV.{} But because it's on your network, you can also let the media players you use on your computer handle your files.

{}{}{} The Cirago unit can also play streaming Internet radio stations- and using the AV inputs on the back, you can also record TV shows and play them back later.